Saturday, October 9, 2010


When Carlos Franqui saw that he had been removed from photographs with Fidel Castro, he wrote these lines:
I discover my photographic death.
Do I exist?
I am a little black,
I am a little white,
I am a little shit,
On Fidel's vest.


  1. Anonymous9/10/10 22:37

    I never knew that.

  2. I assume you are eventually going to get around to stalin removing Brainy Smurf from photos. If not, do it. =)

  3. jeez, this is awesome. Never knew about any of this, keep em coming.

  4. that was one good quote

  5. Max Steel said..."So why was he removed"

    Carlos Franqui was initially a supporter of the communist revolution in Cuba, but he became increasing critical of the Castro regime. Eventually he went into self-imposed exile and broke ties with Cuba and other communist states. Cuba, in turn broke ties with him and went about erasing him from the official history of the revolution.