Thursday, September 30, 2010

Photoshopped College Diversity?

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Yes, I am sure that is going to help them to get more minority applicants...

Power Struggle

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The Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak was poorly photoshopped to be walking ahead of US President Obama (top).  The state run news organization that published the doctored photo was called out by a blogger who found the original image (bottom).  Well that is embarrassing....

Dove Evolution

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This video is amazing. The photoshop changes are drastic, but the hair, makeup and lighting are also changing the woman's looks drastically.

Nick Veasey

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Photographer Nick Veasey  creates x-ray style photographs that are highly digitally retouched.  In this photo the human is fully integrated into his tools - the chair mirrors the body, the shoe soles are extensions of the foot bones and the news paper is even connected to the eyes creating a path to the brain.  Image a photograph of a person with laptop in their back pack, a cell phone to their ear, an iPod in pocket and a pace maker embedded in his chest....