Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fuuvi USB Mini Digital Camera

Fuuvi USB Mini Digital Camera: "

A USB flash drive is just that, or is there more than meets the eye? The answer is in the affirmative when you bring the Fuuvi USB Mini Digital Camera into the picture – we’re talking about a device that not only carries your favorite files on-the-go, it also allows you to shoot secret shots of upcoming devices assuming you’re working in some sort of top secret assembly plant for one of the major hardware manufacturers.

Hailing from Audiocubes, this puppy comes in a wide range of colors, but don’t expect too much from something so small especially when it comes to its resolution count. We’re talking about 3.1-megapixel stills as well as the ability to shoot video in 1280 x 1024 resolution which can later be transferred and viewed on another computer simply by plugging it into any available USB port. Of course, you will need to supply the memory yourself, which comes in the form of a microSD memory card.


Introducing Foolish Gadgets because not all gadgets are cool :)
[ Fuuvi USB Mini Digital Camera copyright by Coolest Gadgets ]

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  1. whoa way to go extreme with minimal design. Is there even a viewfinder?

  2. Hahahaha I think this is a cool invention :)

    anyway, great post


  3. looks like a toy. rather stick to my phone

  4. wow this is a really tiny camera, might be useful :D

  5. Best spy camera ever. *click*

  6. That's awesome! I want one.

  7. If it was black it would be a awesome spy camera lol

  8. i want one!

    and btw, richard prince didn't shoot any marlboro ads; he appropriated, or more accurately stole all of those shots from Jim Krantz.

    he's been stealing from other artists as well. >:(

  9. looks like something i would lose within a week, lol

  10. Cute yellow submarine.

  11. Thats so cool, i want one