Monday, April 18, 2011

Brazilian police can scan hundreds of faces per second with a pair of sunglasses

Brazilian police can scan hundreds of faces per second with a pair of sunglasses: "

The 2014 World Cup is going to be in Brazil, and preparations are already underway. Security is going to be tight at this event, and I have heard that the police will have something to protect the innocent like Robocop.

The plan is that the police will be wearing sunglasses with cameras that can scan 400 known criminals per second from up to 12 miles away (they are generally optimized for about 150 feet). The sunglasses are wirelessly connected to a database that can compare with the facial profiles of 13 million people, and can check for 46,000 points on the face for an exact match.

Not only can it scan for criminals, but the sunglasses have a screen where an officer can get instructions as far as what to do next. Again, it works like Robocop, without a classified Directive 4.

I have heard that Brazil is pretty advanced in many areas, and I wonder if we will see these high advanced scanner sunglasses when the World Cup happens in three years. I suppose that we will see, but in the meantime, can we arrange it so that these scanner sunglasses can be put on cops around the world?

Better yet, find out a way if these scanners could be put on the eyes of private citizens. I wonder if this would increase the number of citizens arrests.



  1. Anonymous18/4/11 23:55

    To be honest, this is scary.

  2. Sunglasses sounds awesome! Technology is amazing

  3. Wow, first I'm hearing of technology like this. Seems great, still seems far fetched and potentially glitchy but eh, sure they have worked those out. Could see this being useful for airports and other check in spots as well.

  4. Where can I get a pair? Following!

  5. That's pretty damn nifty. But what if someone burned their face? Unrecognisable!

  6. Anonymous19/4/11 10:04

    I could see this having a high abuse potential.

  7. That is both infinitely awesome and horribly frightening at the same time.

  8. all I have to say is, I want a pair.

  9. Welcome to the future! Next stop hoverboards!