Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bunny Ears and Diapers on a Senator

In 2006 an Ohio Republican Party news release attacked Democratic Rep. Sherrod Brown for enlisting the support of comedian Al Franken. The news release was accompanied by a photograph, showing Franken dressed up like a baby bunny, wearing adult diapers and clutching a fluffy white teddy bear. Andy Barr, director of Franken's Midwest Values PAC, confirmed, "The picture is a fake." The Ohio Republican Party used a 2004 photo of Franken for the doctored image. In 2009 shortly after Senator Al Franken was seated in the U.S. Senate, Cincinnati Enquirer columnist Peter Bronson re-published this doctored photo under the heading "Is this who you want making decisions about your health care?" In his retraction, Bronson wrote "Last week I posted a blog about comedian Al Franken joining the Senate, including a picture of Franken wearing bunny ears and a diaper. Franken did many things on Saturday Night Live that could be embarrassing to a Senator. But apparently, that was not one of them. It turns out the picture was photoshopped. We don't knowingly run false pictures, so I took it down and replaced it with another goofy picture of Sen. Franken."


  1. hahhaah, he looks so weird with those diapers , but its a little obvious thats its photoshopped